The Basics: Cannabis Strains Explained

Thu Dec 03 2020

Humans have long understood the many benefits of the cannabis plant. Over thousands of years we have selectively bred the plant to isolate certain characteristics and improve the quality and quantity of our cannabis.

The two main species of cannabis grown today are Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. The two species have some key differences including: height and stature, leaf size and structure, bud size and density, flowering time, odour, smoke and effects.

Skilled growers have been able to dial-in these differences and cross breed the two species to create hybrids with characteristics from both plant species.

Cannabis flowers can either be smoked or used to create other products like concentrates or edibles. By far the most popular method for consuming cannabis is by smoking joints, bowls, or even vaping the flower directly. Cannabis comes in many different varieties, or “strains”, all with different benefits and flavor profiles.

Different strains of flower usually fall into 3 categories:


These strains typically provide a more energizing effect, and provide increased creativity. Sativas often provide relief from anxiety and paranoia making them a good choice for parties or social occasions.


Indica strains are known for their full-body relaxation properties. These strains are great for muscle soreness, aches, pains, tension, and often work as a great sleep aid.


Hybrids combine the best properties of both Indica and Sativa varieties of marijuana. Growers across the world have spent decades cross-breeding different strains to create high quality plants with the most desirable traits from both Indica and Sativa plants.

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