Big Things Coming in Boulder, CO

Thu Sep 02 2021

Cannabis Depot #2 prepares to open its doors to the public.

There are a countless number of steps required in opening a cannabis dispensary in Colorado and the process of navigating those steps is rarely linear. The reward, however, for following each of these steps correctly is something that very few people ever experience. We can now add Josh Davis’ name to that very short list. I spoke to Josh this month and he shared the good news with me.

MC: Josh, I understand you have some exciting news?

JD: That’s right! I have finally received a license from the State of Colorado for The Cannabis Depot, Boulder to operate a dispensary! I knew this day would come but I guess it always takes longer than you anticipate.

MC: Congratulations, Josh! So what is next?

JD: The responsibility for the rest of the work to be performed belongs to our contractor and sub-contractors in order to finish the build-out. Because of a building boom in this area, as well as a materials supply shortage due to the pandemic, some materials have been hard to come by. Mainly, new ceiling tiles and the laminate flooring are taking longer than we expected. 

MC: Have you been able to source these materials? 

JD: Luckily, I have. Our contractor and CDHC investor, Chad Pulsifer, the same builder who built The Cannabis Depot, Pueblo, worked diligently to source all of the materials needed for completion. Once the build-out is complete the Boulder Police Department will schedule its final inspection of the premises and issue the certificate of occupancy. The Boulder Police Department has been a wonderful partner to work with during this process.

MC: That’s great news. Now the $2 million-a-month question…when can we turn on the open sign and start sharing our top-shelf cannabis and customer service with the community? 

JD: I have set a goal of October 15, 2021. Mark your calendars!

MC: That is music to my ears, Josh. And just in time for me to share with readers in the October edition of The Depot Dispatch. I will look forward to documenting this for our readers.

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