Big Things Coming: Construction Update Cannabis Depot Boulder


In the bustling state of Colorado, where the cannabis industry is booming, the journey to opening a new dispensary is filled with numerous steps, challenges, and a labyrinth of regulations. Despite the intricate and often non-linear path, the ultimate reward of successfully opening a dispensary is a feat achieved by a select few. This month, Josh Davis, the proud owner of the soon-to-open Cannabis Depot #3 in Boulder, joins that exclusive club. In a candid conversation, Davis shares the exhilarating news and the hurdles overcome in the lead-up to the grand opening.

“That’s right! I have finally received a license from the State of Colorado for The Cannabis Depot, Boulder to operate a dispensary! I knew this day would come but I guess it always takes longer than you anticipate.”

With the coveted license in hand, the focus now shifts to the critical build-out phase, a responsibility resting on the capable shoulders of the contractor and sub-contractors. Amid a building boom and a pandemic-induced materials supply shortage, procuring essential materials like new ceiling tiles and laminate flooring has proven to be a significant challenge. Despite these obstacles, Davis exudes confidence and optimism, a testament to the resilience and determination that has guided him throughout this journey.

“Luckily, I have. Our contractor and CDHC investor, Chad Pulsifer, the same builder who built The Cannabis Depot, Pueblo, worked diligently to source all of the materials needed for completion.”

Partnership with Boulder Police Department

The collaboration with the Boulder Police Department emerges as a highlight in the process, with Davis commending their partnership and support. The final inspection by the Boulder Police Department stands as the next milestone, culminating in the issuance of the certificate of occupancy, paving the way for the grand opening.

“The Boulder Police Department has been a wonderful partner to work with during this process.”

Anticipation for the Grand Opening

Amid the anticipation and excitement, the community eagerly awaits the official announcement of the opening date. Davis and his team are committed to ensuring that every aspect of the dispensary is perfected, promising an exceptional experience for future patrons.

In anticipation of the grand opening, the community and future patrons of Cannabis Depot #3 in Boulder look forward to celebrating this significant addition to the Colorado cannabis industry.

Updated: 10/03/2023


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