The best selection of quality cannabis flower in Colorado.

The best selection of quality cannabis flower in Colorado.

Whether you enjoy trying unique cannabis products or are just learning about the ways you may benefit from them, our Pueblo and Boulder, Colorado locations are a favorite among recreational cannabis consumers.

The Cannabis Depot offers a wide range of products that suit nearly any preference or purpose.

No matter what products you like best or what you want your purchase to help with, we are a top choice among residents of the Boulder and Pueblo areas because of our wide selection, rewards program, and frequent discounts.

Here are some of the most significant points that make us stand out among local cannabis consumers!

Hybrid Cannabis Flower Near Boulder

If you're in Boulder, Colorado, and looking for high-quality cannabis flower, The Cannabis Depot's Dispensary is a top choice among residents.

Hybrid cannabis flower combines some of the most sought-after effects of sativa and indica cannabis flower. This type of cannabis flower can assist with both relaxation and energy, just not to the extent that a specific strain can sometimes. Some of the most popular strains of hybrid cannabis include the following:

Space Kandy

A cross of Cherry Space Queen and Cotton Candy, this hybrid strain offers a flavor profile consisting of sweet cherry and candied apples, yum!

Apple Fritter

With an aroma and flavor that comes across to that of the apple pastry it's named after, consumers report feeling giggly and relaxed after consumption.

Old Time Bubblegum

As the name suggests, Old Time Bubblegum from AJ’s Farms has a fruity, berry taste, while delivering a relaxing body high.

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Sativa Cannabis Flower Near Boulder

If you are a cannabis enthusiast in Boulder, Colorado, and love the uplifting effects of sativa strains, you're in luck!

The Cannabis Depot location in Boulder is known to have an abundant selection of high-quality sativa cannabis flower.

Sativa strains are renowned for their energizing and creative effects, making them perfect for daytime consumption or social gatherings. These strains typically produce a cerebral high that can enhance focus, promote productivity, and induce a sense of euphoria.

At The Cannabis Depot, you'll find a wide variety of sativa strains to suit your preferences. Whether you're looking for something more uplifting and stimulating or seeking a strain that provides a gentle boost in energy, our knowledgeable staff can help guide you toward the perfect choice.

Some popular sativa strains available at The Cannabis Depot include:

Chem de la Chem

Chem de la Chem is a cross from Chemdog and i95, resulting in a balanced sweet, smooth, and earthy flavor profile.


Our Lemon Stallion Strain comes in at 24% THC; many consumers love its flavor profile due to the rare lemon lilt it's been able to pull out of the Orange Cookie strain.

Gummies Buds

Made as a cross from Jet Fuel Gelato and Peach Rings, this sativa dominant strain comes in at 24.45% THC.

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Indica Cannabis Flower Near Boulder

If you're on the hunt for high-quality cannabis flower near Boulder, Colorado, look no further than the abundance of Indica strains available at The Cannabis Depot.

Known for their relaxing and sedating effects, indica strains are perfect for those seeking a calming experience or relief from discomfort and sleeplessness.

Whether you're looking for a strain with higher CBD content for more therapeutic benefits or a high-THC strain to promote deep relaxation, you'll find it in Boulder.

Some popular Indica strains available in Boulder include:

Greasy Grapes

This indica dominant strain comes from a mix of Bubba Berry and Grease Monkey. Many consumers love it for its fruity notes upon exhaling!

Grape Cream Cake

As the name suggests, expect an aftertaste of grapes after consumption. Consumers report this hybrid strand as relaxing their body and mind while offering a long duration.


Consumers report a sweet and fruity aroma from this indica dominant strain, Similar to that of citrus fruits or other grape candy.

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High-Quality Cannabis Products at The Cannabis Depot

At The Cannabis Depot, we are here to meet nearly any recreational cannabis need for residents of Boulder and surrounding areas. Whether you are looking for cannabis flower near Boulder or any other cannabis product in the Boulder or Pueblo areas, we carry a wide selection of quality options that may be just what you have in mind. Our hybrid, sativa, and indica cannabis flower options offer plenty of choices to help you find one that works for you. Stop in today to browse our flower selection, ask our team any questions you may have, and find your new favorite!


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